Use your fabric scraps in a creative way

As a crafter, sewer and a newbie quilter I have loads of fabric scraps in my craft room.

Last year I made my Monsters of Love and I used most of them. A year and many patchwork quilts later my scrap stash increased. I was looking for fun ways to use them up and bookmarks is one of them.

After a few trial and errors, I made some and I am planning to put them in my ETSY shop which will be launched in a couple of months. Meanwhile you can make your own if you follow my tutorial.  I hope you enjoy making them and please share your creations on Instagram and tag me (@ourmodusvivendi) so that I can see them.

Bookmark tutorial

This is a method I use to make several ones (approx.. 5) at once.

You need:

  • 4 different Fabric scraps of approximately 2” – 2,5” wide and 10” long
  • Backing fabric
  • Cutting mat and rotary cutter or scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery thread for the tassels


Arrange your craps in an order that pleases you and sew them together.

Iron the seams in the same direction and then turn and iron the front as well

Cut strips of 2” wide. Depending on how wide is your piece you will end up with 4 – 5 strips

  • Cut your backing fabric the same size as your front
  • Put the two fabrics (backing and front) rights sides together and “sandwich” in between the tassel
  • Sew around the three sides living the fourth side (down side) open for turning
  • Turn, press and hand stitch the bottom side

How to make the tassels:

  • Take one embroidery thread of a colour of your choice (you can make 2 tassels with one skein of thread)
  • Secure the two edges
  • Take a piece of thread (either the same colour or a different colour) and tie a tight knot about 1,5 cm from the edge of each end of the skein
  • Cut the skein of thread in the middle

And you have two tassels!!!!

Some more ideas will follow in a future post.


Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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