Tips for a healthy, handmade, creative life

New products, new words, new habits have emerged in our lives the last few years.

I didn’t know for example that Turmeric was so fundamental in our daily diet nor did I know the existence of Goji berries and kale. Macha tea came to replace our local herbal infusions (I still didn’t understand why) as well as different kinds of workout with sophisticated and complicated names replaced a normal cardio and weight lifting routine at the Gym. The exposure to different stimuli, because of the internet and global societies we currently live in, confuse us and they are often hard to grasp. Instagram is becoming one of the main sources of “entertainment” and information exchange and it is rather uncontrollable when it comes to the way people interpret things. Sometimes people view things from a very pessimistic point of view and through a very negative perspective. Instead of getting inspired by the people we follow on Instagram we get frustrated because we don’t look like them; we cannot afford having the clothes they have; or in one way or another we don’t lead the same lifestyle.

And since I too am interested in these kinds of platforms, I choose to view things through a more positive lens. It helps me revaluate some things.

So my advice to you is: be the person you admire in your own magic way.

These are some tips for an easy, pleasant, healthy life that help me cope with the rush of the 21st century:

  • GO OFFLINE – We need to go offline at least once a week. Don’t use social media, get away from computer screen, use your mobile phone for phone calls only. You will notice that you will return to your normal activities and hectic-less life with a clearer mind.
  • RUN AWAY – Go out for a walk in the country side or on the beach. Take a long drive and listen to your favourite playlist. Call a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and go out for coffee and a long chat (without your smart phones). Do something completely different than your usual routine.
  • LEARN SOMETHING NEW – Do you feel that you have a lot of free time and you are bored? Take an e-course, learn how to knit, go to pottery lessons, discover a new hobby.
  • READ – Take a good book or a magazine and read something printed on paper like the good old times. A story, an interesting article, a novel. Stay away from the ipad!!!
  • WRITE – Write your thoughts, write a journal. It helps putting your thoughts in order.
  • TREAT YOURSELF – Every once in a while it’s good to run a hot bath, light up your candles, put a glass of wine and relax in your bath tub. Then have an early sleep. You will feel reborn the following day.
  • DATE NIGHT – Invite your partner, or best friend or your mother and go out for dinner or drinks. Make it special.
  • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE YOU LOVE – Invite your favourite people around for a joyful evening. Try to get rid of toxic relationships by being with people that bring the best out of you.
  • DO NOTHING – It’s ok to do absolutely nothing every now and then. Just stay with your leisure wear and eat your favourite ice-cream. It’s ok to get lazy once in a while!!!

However, it is rather inevitable to stay away from technology and media. So, I guess, my main point is that we shouldn’t let technology control us, but only inspire us to be kinder, happier and more creative!

Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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