Summer cooking part 2

Do you also happen to have the urge of eating something without necessarily being hungry?

And do you also eat all the crisps and ice cream and chocolate that there is at home when this happens? Well, I do. So, I decided that I should have some healthier and fat free snacks in the house.

After a “culinary” conversation with my gym instructor, I decided to try his fruit jelly recipe. He doesn’t know I am publishing it but I am giving him the credit.

This Jelly is easy to make, it has no added sugar and it’s a nice and cool snack for Summer.

Summer fruit jelly


  • 500 ml hot water
  • 25 g gelatine powder
  • 500 g frozen red berries
  • 3 ripe bananas


  • Dilute the gelatine into the hot water
  • Put the fruit in a ball and grind them with a hand blender
  • Add the diluted gelatine and mix well
  • Serve in a bowl and put it in the fridge

My husband who has a very sweet tooth says that it is rather tasteless. I tend to disagree with him. You can always add some honey, or maple syrup, or rice syrup if you want to make it sweeter without making it less healthy! I just like having a healthy, sugar-free snack in the fridge for when I have the urge of a little something.


Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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