Stories of silk and thread by Anthoula Polyviou – part 1

Presentation of an Artist.

We met Anthoula by accident, literally and metaphorically, when her car broke down outside our office on a rainy evening back in 1986. She came in to ask for help and we became inseparable friends ever since!!! As simple as that!

She is a very well educated lady with studies in Greek Literature and a former teacher of Classical studies in several high schools in Cyprus. All of her students feel very privileged to have had her as a teacher and everybody says she was the person who inspired them and made them love everything about Greek literature, Greek language, History, Classical Civilization, Greek Mythology etc.

In my eyes (and I think in the eyes of a lot of people) she is one of the best dressed women I know. She has taste, she dares and she knows everything about fabric quality, texture and color coordination. I almost forgot to mention that I always call her “the Queen of layering”. She has this amazing ability of layering her clothes in such a way that she makes old clothes look like brand new and up to date.

Living in Cyprus of the 60s, 70s, 80s when the access to fashion was limited, boutiques were almost non-existent and fashion magazines were hard to find, she used to make her own clothes or design them and had them made by different seamstresses. She knew how to choose her fabrics well and what suited best her body type.

She is a self taught designer, seamstress, pattern maker, knitter and embroiderer. In a few words this is an “One woman show”, she does everything!

Now that she retired from teaching she has the time to follow her passion, which is design, make and sell her own line. For the last few years, every Spring, she prepares a small collection that she presents in an Art Gallery in Lemesos, Cyprus. Her collections, “Stories of silk and thread”, consist of dresses, kimonos, scarves and bags. She mostly uses silk on which she embroiders different motifs but crochet and knitting is also a strong element in her designs.

Her dream is to sell her pieces abroad. To see them be worn by elegant women who appreciate quality and finesse.

On the 15th of April she will present her new collection at Aphrodite Amathusia gallery in Lemesos, by the seafront road.

Enjoy a sneak peak of her old collections.

After the exhibition I will post an update with her latest designs.

You can also find Anthoula on Facebook at:

Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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