Pom pom wall art

Yarn is a very versatile material that I love!

As a knitter, I have loads of yarn in different colours. I always try to use my yarn left overs for different crafts and my favourite thing to make is pom poms. You can make them in different sizes for beautiful home décor or fashion accessories. Just grab your yarn and start making pom poms. There are special tools for pom pom making but there are other ways to make them as well. Tutorials on the internet can help you.

The following craft is a wall art for kids’ bedroom or in my case it will decorate my office in the kindergarten where I work.

You will need

  • Wool in different colours
  • Pom pom makers in two sizes
  • Scissors
  • A branch or drift wood


  • Make pom poms in different colours and sizes
  • Tie them on the drift wood in different heights
  • Hang it on the wall

That’s it!!!

Easy, colourful, playful, tasteful. In a kid’s bedroom,  should look lovely.
Enjoy making it and as I always say, if you make it, share it and tag me on Instagram.


Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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