Natali – a brand, a designer, a friend

I met Natalie in 2002, as soon as she came back from her studies in New York. She studied Fashion design in FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).

An enthusiastic, passionate, young woman who had just started her career as a fashion designer. Living in a small country like Cyprus being a freelance fashion designer was not (and still isn’t) very easy. Fifteen years later, her passion for her work, her very good knowledge of how a garment is done and her elegant taste led her to where she is now. She exports her collections in shops around the world, she has a successful online shop and she has her loyal clientele in Cyprus.

Modern, cool, feminine, sexy with a romantic twist is how I would describe Natalie’s style.

Usually she designs pieces that can be worn day and night. She wanted to capture this concept with Nataligirls2017 project. She chose girls that are her friends and customers.

She didn’t want to exaggerate with the styling (after all this wasn’t an editorial), and the idea was to show how easily her pieces can change day and night look without trying too hard with accessories etc. She photographed and styled them by herself and the result was awesome. Let alone the laughter and amazing time during the photo shoots.

On Wednesday 14th June she will present this collection in Limassol at Aphrodite Amathusia Exhibition Center. It will be a whole day event with a sample sale and of course coffee, wine and nibbles!!!!!

You can follow Natalie on Instagram @natalieconstantinidou

Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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