My heart belongs to you

My motto is “Handmade presents are the best”.

As a maker/crafter I enjoy the whole process of the making of a gift. First I get the idea. Then I think of the person I want to offer the gift (usually it is a new born baby or a toddler, I love creating for kids). After that I gather the materials and then I start. I am also trying to document the “step by step” progress in pictures for a potential blog post, like this one.

Recently I wanted a gift for a new born boy. I didn’t have enough time to make something complicated but sometimes simple presents are beautiful too. I had this idea of a stuffed heart in a box frame and since I have a lot of fabric remnants I gave it a try. It worked! The result was very very cute and it was done relatively fast.

I am giving you below the step by step tutorial and if you have any questions please write them in the comments and I will try to answer.

You will need:

  • Heart template
  • Main fabric
  • Background fabric
  • 1 RIBBA frame from IKEA (003.784.03)
  • Polyester toy filling
  • Sewing machine, scissors
  • Hot glue


  • Put two pieces of your main fabric right sides together
  • Place your heart template on top
  • Mark the shape of heart with a soft pencil
  • Cut around the heart 1cm away from the pencil mark
  • Sew the two main fabrics together (still right sides are together) all around on the pencil mark
  • Make an opening of approx. 5cm on the one side of the heart, clip the corner and turn inside out.
  • Fill the heart with the polyester toy filling
  • Hand stitch the opening
  • Cut a square of approx. 19cm x 19cm from the background fabric
  • Open the frame, remove the base, the passe-partout and the glass
  • Fix the background fabric on the base with the hot glue
  • Place the passe-partout and fix it with the hot glue
  • Place the stuffed heart in the middle of the background fabric and fix it with the hot glue
  • Close the frame

Christiana Anastassiou


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