“Monsters” for love

As a person, I like challenges. I like to set goals even though I am not a competitive person with other people.

However, I am competitive with myself. I like to overcome “me”, to achieve more than last time, to do better.

Usually my challenges regard my health (exercise more), my nutrition habits (eat healthier, reduce alcohol), crafts (make something every day, finish old unfinished projects) and the list goes on. They are like “New Year’s resolutions” but all around the year!!! There is another goal/challenge that I often set to myself but I rarely (never) keep it; save some money!!!!!!!

This month’s challenge is to sew different things using all the fabrics from my fabric stash. Not buy ANYTHING! You see, I have been collecting fabrics for years now. When I need a piece of fabric for a project I tend to buy three or four times of what I really need. As far as fabric is concerned I am very greedy. I never, never, never, ever went into a fabric shop without buying something. Even if I didn’t need any. So, imagine the quantities of fabric I have. Most of them are cotton and suitable for children’s toys so I decided to make some soft toys. I was so excited with the idea that I begun cutting, sewing, putting together without a pattern. The result; a lot of colorful dolls/animals/creatures that I ended up calling them “Monsters”. They are very cute and the right size to be handled by babies and toddlers.

After finishing eight or ten pieces I had the idea of selling them and give the proceeds to a charity organization named: ‘One dream one wish”. I decided to support this particular organization because it is an association founded by a group of parents of children suffering from cancer, leukemia and other blood diseases. The Association focuses its activities on three main pillars:

  1. The fulfilment of the wishes of the cancer-afflicted children
  2. The economic support of their families and
  3. The psychological support of the children and members of their immediate environment.

Their task is extremely difficult because they depend exclusively on donations.

People keep asking to buy my “monsters” so I keep making more every night.

To be able to do what I am most passionate about, with love, making children happy with my “monsters” while also helping those in need. This is a great challenge for me!!!

Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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