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Introducing our houses

Loullaki downstairs and Loullaki upstairs

At Modus Vivendi we named our small houses after their color scheme in the decoration. Today I am introducing you the Loullaki downstairs and the Loullaki upstairs houses. Loullaki is what we call now Indigo. Loullaki was an organic compound with a distinctive blue color indigo. They used it in the old times on walls but also as a bleach in washing for brighter whites.

The stone building is about 150 years old. It was saved from demolition where the plot was going to be used as parking, then got declared as a listed building and restored in 2013 following the Planning regulations.

The space is ideal for a family as it can be turned into a two-bedroom house when you unlock the interconnecting door. But the two units can also be rented individually.

They are furnished with old and new furniture in an eclectic way.

Yiannos and I (mostly Yiannos) have been collecting over the years all sorts of antiques, art work, vintage home accessories, old furniture, even contemporary pieces that all found their place at Modus Vivendi.

The paintings/art work in all our houses/rooms are works of art by Cypriot artists or artists that live and work in Cyprus.

Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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