May Day – Flower Day

It is widely known that the 1st of May, also known as May Day, is Labour Day because it was chosen as the date for International Worker’s Day by the Socialists and Communists.

In the Southern part of Europe and more specifically in Greece and our home-country, Cyprus, it is also the day we celebrate the coming of Spring by making flower wreaths from wild seasonal flowers. Everything is in bloom and so are our house doors that are decorated with the freshly made wreaths.

We all gather at our house in Psematismenos village, start playing with the colours of the flowers, one wreath for each household involved. Music is always playing in the background and homemade traditional Cypriot delicacies are always present on the table. Our guests from Modus Vivendi are invited as well for a drink and a chit chat.

After all this colourful festivity, we all go to the local restaurant and end our beautiful day with delicious food and good wine.

Christiana Anastassiou


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