Felt Christmas Ornaments

As Christmas time is approaching we started decorating our houses with what we think is beautiful and tasteful. Most people tend to overdo it. I, on the other hand I prefer a more discrete and quite minimal Christmas decoration, that is; a Christmas tree with mostly handmade or antique ornaments, a nice wreath for our entrance door with fresh green brunches and ribbons, a nice bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers and lots of candles.

The following tutorial is very simple and can be executed by everybody. One does not have to have sewing skills to do it!

Felt is a fabric that I enjoy working with for several reasons. It doesn’t fray and you can find it in beautiful bright colors. It is ideal for crafts especially Xmas crafts.


  • Pieces of felt in different colors
  • Thread in matching colors
  • DMC pearl cotton in white or ecru


  • Cut your felt strips in 18” by 1”
  • On the colored strips sew two parallel rows of zigzag down the entire length of the strip in white thread
  • On the white strips do the same using different colors of thread
  • With your marker make a mark every 1 inch along the center of each strip starting at ½”
  • Thread your needle with the DMC pearl cotton and tie a knot at the end
  • Push the needle through from the unmarked side of the strip to the marked side at the bottom marking. Reinsert the needle right next to the same mark and then exit at the next mark and so on.
  • Once you’ve gone through all 16 marks, adjust the folds of the strip so that they are not too tight not too loose.
  • Tie a small knot at the top of the ornaments to secure the folds
  • Pull the needle back through the center and out at the bottom leaving a 2 inch loop at the rop
  • Secure with a knot
  • Repeat for all strips
  • You can add a little bell  or a colored bead at the bottom

Have fun doing it!

Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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