Every detail counts

As a family, we own a small Agrotourism complex consisting of 6 stone built suites.

It is addressed to the Cypriot and foreign market, usually Europeans. It’s a small hidden paradise in the middle of Psematismenos village in Larnaca disitrict. We run it ourselves, and we try to make our guests feel at home. We believe that hospitality is in the details. It is how you make your guests feel. It’s the personal touch.

We usually offer our guests a jar of homemade jam on their arrival; jams that we make at home with fresh seasonal fruit. Lately we decided that our guests should also leave Modus Vivendi with a small souvenir. Local herbs were an option; so to start with, I made these beautiful cotton fabric sachets and filled them with “Alouiza”, the Greek name for Lemon Verbena. You can drink lemon verbena as an infusion or you can just throw the sachet in your linen cupboard and give your bedsheets the subtle, “lemony” smell of “Alouiza”.

Of course you can make these with other herbs as well, like lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage….

You will need

  • A bunch of fresh herbs
  • Cotton fabric
  • Zig zag scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Labels


  • You can dry the herbs in the sun or in your oven at 50⁰c for three hours
  • Cut the fabric approximately 21cm by 21cm square
  • Fold in the middle right sides together
  • Sew the long side and the bottom, leaving an opening on the top
  • Turn
  • Fill it with your herbs
  • Write the name of the herb and some details on how to use it on the label
  • Tie the sachet with the ribbon

Enjoy making them or come and visit us at Modus Vivendi Psematismenos and get one as a gift!

Christiana Anastassiou

Christiana Anastassiou


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