We will try to post our recipes of food, sweets, preserves, jams, drinks, that we do at home for our family and friends. Recipes that we developed over the years from our mothers and grandmothers or from books and we made them our own.

My homemade Granola

by Christiana on 02/11/2017

Yiannos’s roast fish

by Yiannos on 21/10/2017

Quince Jelly/Paste – “Kydonopasto”

by Yiannos on 12/10/2017

Summer cooking part 3

by Christiana on 12/07/2017

Summer cooking part 2

by Christiana on 28/06/2017

Summer cooking part 1

by Yiannos on 16/06/2017

An impromptu lunch with friends

by Christiana on 14/03/2017

Banana Jam

by Yiannos on 09/03/2017

How to plan a dinner party

by Christiana on 23/02/2017

Our signature “Greek Summer” cocktail

by Yiannos on 25/07/2016

Homemade Protein Snack

by Christiana on 23/01/2016

Penne with tomato sauce, halloumi and mint

by Yiannos on 24/10/2015

Middle eastern inspired Boneless chicken

by Yiannos on 24/10/2015

Apple Cake Recipe

by Yiannos on 08/10/2015

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